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Open Mind provides a venue for the highest quality, most innovative work in cognitive science, offering affordable open access publishing, concise and accessible articles, and quick turnaround times for authors. The journal covers the broad array of content areas within cognitive science, using approaches from cognitive psychology, computer science and mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, comparative psychology and behavioral anthropology, decision sciences, and theoretical and experimental linguistics. These approaches are applicable to a broad range of content areas, including learning and memory, attention and object recognition, language processing and development, causal reasoning, judgment and decision making, philosophy of mind, and more.

Focus and Scope

Open Mind accepts 2 types of submissions:

1. Original research reports on all aspects of cognitive science, emphasizing new discoveries that advance the field or definitive contributions that settle an on-going controversy.

2. Perspectives that are a mix of short review and opinion piece on a critical issue in the field that highlights a new conceptual or methodological approach. In some cases, the journal will organize a special section around a perspective with commentaries and a response to the commentaries.

Submission Checklist

  1. All Research Reports should conform to the format and style of the American Psychological Association as specified in the APA Publication Manual (7th edition). Be sure that your manuscript has page numbers, either in the header or at the bottom of each page. Perspectives should follow APA conventions for style, but the organization and use of sub-headings can be determined by the author.
  2. Please make sure that authorship is masked (peer review is double-blind). Check that the acknowledgments section does not de-anonymize authorship.
  3. If you are submitting a revision, please complete the publication agreement form and upload it as a data file. Note that it is not necessary to specify the volume or issue of the article.
  4. For submission prior to final acceptance, we recommend that you submit your manuscript in PDF format with embedded figures. It is not necessary to upload figures as separate files until the paper is accepted pending minor revisions.
  5. You may optionally include suggestions for reviewers and other relevant information (e.g., about special issue submissions) in the "comments to the editor" field.
  6. For all revised submissions: (i) Upload figures as separate files along with source files if the manuscript was prepared using LaTeX. (ii) Upload response to reviewers as an "other type" document (not the manuscript type).

Copyright Notice

Access Rights

All articles are published Open Access; they are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read, download, copy and distribute.

Permission to Reprint

Open Access articles are published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 or 4.0 License (CC BY). The CC BY license permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is fully cited. For more information on all possible licenses, please visit

Questions? Please contact the Subsidiary Rights Department at:

The MIT Press
One Broadway, Floor 12
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FAX: 1-617-577-1545

Peer Review

This journal operates a double blind peer review policy.

Publication Fees

Open Mind is a diamond OA publication; there are no Article Processing Charges at any stage of the process. Publication is entirely free of charge.

Publication Cycle

This journal published continuously all year round.

The review process for research Reports will begin with an evaluation by the editor, in consultation with one or more of the associate editors, as to the suitability of the manuscript for undergoing a full review. If that decision is positive, an associate editor will be assigned and will solicit 2-3 reviews from experts on the editorial board and/or in the specific sub-field of the research.

While we are open to unsolicited submissions of Perspectives, we advise authors to email the Editors ( and with a short summary of the proposed Perspectives in advance of submission to determine whether the topic is likely to fit the goals of Open Mind and to not overlap with other submissions that are under review.

Evaluations from the reviewers are requested with a 21-day deadline, and the associate editor’s decision is expected within 1-2 months of submission.

Articles are neither copyedited nor proofread before publication. Prior to publication, each article will undergo review by an editor, and authors will have an opportunity to review a proof in order to make corrections and minor changes.